Playlist: Soothing soul

Under pressure? Too much stress can hurt your heart. Slow down and breathe with these soothing, soulful tracks.

We all have bad days. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time, now might be the time to press pause.  

Studies show chronic stress can seriously harm our bodies. Left unchecked, high stress raises risk of heart attack and stroke. And if that last sentence tensed you up, take heart.

Exercise, spending time with friends, journaling and listening to music are just a few strategies proven to take the edge off stress.

Looking for fast relief? Press play on any of these 30 soothing, soulful songs.

Woman sitting in chair relaxing and listening to music

This exclusive playlist is free to Heart and Stroke Foundation supporters, courtesy of Spotify. You can preview the tracks below. Or use an email address to sign up for Spotify and listen to this full Heart&Stroke playlist (and more than 20 million other songs) for free.


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