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Resolutions for a healthy school year

For many families, September is the real new year. Kick off this year by choosing a shared goal to live healthier together.

Healthy, active children are better learners. As the kids head back to school, what better reason to set a goal for your family to make this school year your healthiest ever?

Here are some ideas to get you started — or come up with your own!


Let’s be more active by:

…walking to school. Active & Safe Routes to School offers tips and programs for families and schools to encourage kids to walk or ride to school.

…trying a new sport. Check out our profiles of great sports for kids and families, plus links to sports organizations.

…making active dates. Designate an evening or weekend afternoon to be active as a family — go for a walk, try indoor rock climbing, play catch or go swimming.

…getting active after school. Encourage kids to play in the schoolyard after the final bell. You might also talk to your school about opening the gym after school once the snow starts to fly.


Let’s eat healthier by:

…making more nutritious lunches. Start with these tips.

…eating dinner together more often. Research shows that when a family consistently dines together, children are more likely to eat healthfully and less likely to be overweight. Try these strategies to help make it happen. Plus, check out hundreds of heart-healthy recipes at

…having fruit instead of juice at breakfast. Juice has less nutritional value and it’s high in sugar.

…cutting down on sodium. The Dietitians of Canada have lots of tips for shaking the salt shaker.


Let’s live healthier by:

…sleeping better. It can be a challenge to readjust to the routines of the new school year, but adequate sleep is key to learning and health. Get expert ideas for ensuring sweet slumber.

…cutting down on screen time. Hours spent online and watching TV are hours spent not being active. Get our tips for ditching devices.


Remember that it takes about six weeks to create a habit, so be sure to keep up the encouragement and be prepared to be the cheerleader when motivation dips!




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