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Playlist: Essential walking music

Need a little inspiration to get moving? Add these upbeat tracks to your workout for instant motivation.

Sticking to a workout routine when the weather cools down isn’t always easy. So why not carry a little extra motivation in your pocket?

Pumping up your tunes can make it easier to reach the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Plus, studies suggest that music can help melt away fatigue by providing a dose of inspiration when you need it most. 

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together this playlist mixing guilty pleasures and energetic new favourites. The songs all range from 120 -130 beats per minute – ideal to stride to.

Like what you hear? This exclusive playlist is free to Heart and Stroke Foundation supporters, courtesy of Spotify.

You can preview the tracks below. Or use an email address to sign up for Spotify and listen to this full Heart&Stroke playlist (and more than 20 million other songs) for free.

Essential walking music tracks


  • Don’t see your favourite song? Tell us in the comments below and we might add it to a future playlist. 

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  1. Raj Sooknanan

    I love the playlist! I will surely sample these recommendations. As for my own reco, the last leg of my run/walk will always include that good ‘ol 80’s classic, Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. It just gives that extra kick that I need to complete the task!

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