Jen Bogart stroke and dementia

After stroke, hopes for a healthy future

For stroke survivors like Jen Bogart, the fear of dementia is real. But so is the hope for prevention.

Jen Bogart was just 39 years old and seemingly in good health when the unexpected and unspeakable happened. She was spending time with friends when suddenly and without warning she began to experience weakness and difficulty speaking.

One of her friends recognized that Jen was having a stroke. Thanks to their quick thinking, Jen was on her way to hospital in short order, soon enough to receive the clot-dissolving drug, tPA.

Jen is thankful to the friend who may have saved her life and also grateful for the Heart and Stroke research that led to the development of drugs like tPA.

Jen recently learned that as a stroke survivor, her risk of developing dementia has increased. Always active, she is now more motivated than ever to stay healthy to reduce her dementia risk and avoid a second stroke.

She talks about her fears and hopes for a healthy future.

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    1. Sharon Hollingsworth

      Hi there and thank you for taking the time to ask this important question. There are a number of simple lifestyle changes we can all make to reduce our risk for stroke. Some examples are engaging in regular physical activity, keeping our blood pressure healthy and not smoking. For more information, you can visit the stroke section of the Heart and Stroke website at It is also a good idea to check in with your healthcare provider for answers to your questions in relation to your individual health status.

      Thanks again for checking in in response to the Foundation’s blog post. Yours in good health, Sharon at the Heart and Stroke Foundation

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