Kids playing game of tug of war

Great summer games ideas to keep kids active

Beat summer boredom with these playground games.

Switch off the screens and beat summer boredom with these active game ideas that will keep kids moving all summer long. During summer months kids tend to be more sedentary. What better way to unplug and beat summer boredom than an outdoor games day? These active ideas will keep kids moving and having fun all summer long.

Make the game fit the age: Most younger children enjoy games with few rules and lots of room for imagination, while older kids tend to like the competitive component and skill development of organized sports.

Think classic with a twist: Games like Capture the Flag, ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee golf are a great way to get the heart pumping while working on strength development. 

Get jumping: Jump rope offers a mix of low- to medium-impact activity. It has cardiovascular benefits and helps to strengthen the body. 

Play tag: It’s another great way to get the heart pumping. ü Get excited about the games as much as you want your kids to be excited.

No matter which games you choose, they should be fun. So get the bats, balls and birdies out and start playing!

Let the games begin!

Grab the kids and head to the local playground to play these classic games. 

Kids playing basketball


2 or more players

Equipment: A basketball, basketball net, 5 markers or sidewalk chalk (if area not already marked)

  1. Chalk 5 squares in a horseshoe shape in front of the basketball net.
  2. Each player takes turns shooting the basketball from the square closest to the net…this is the H square.
  3. If the player makes the shot they move to the next square…the O square…and so on, until they complete all the shots and spell “HORSE”. (R is at the free throw line.)
  4. IF the player misses…they stay at that square until they are successful.
  5. The first player to successfully get each shot and spell “HORSE” is the winner.

Shark attack

4 or more players

  1. One player is chosen to be the shark, all other players are fish.
  2. The shark is at one end of the playing field with their back turned, and the fish are at the other end.
  3. The shark says “Fish! Fish! ______in my ocean” (Give a command).
    • Swim
    • Walk
    • Run
    • Jump
    • Hop…etc.
  1. When the shark feels there are fish close to them they can yell “Shark Attack” and turn around.
  2. When they turn around they chase the fish that are close to the them and try to tag them before they make it back to the starting line.
  3. If a fish is tagged they become another shark…all new sharks join the head shark and turn their backs.
    Play continues until there is only one fish left. That person becomes the shark for the next game.

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