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Got the school lunch blues?

Get your mojo back with healthy, easy ideas that help your kids learn food skills at the same time.

Hold on tight! By this time in spring, after making more than 150 school lunches per child, your lunch-making mojo may be waning fast. I’m here to help.

I’m a registered dietitian and mom to three kids. Here I’ll regularly share ideas to make packing school lunches healthier and easier while building children’s food skills along the way.

Why food skills? I’ll never forget the time I was running a Food Revolution Day event at my kids’ school two years ago. Food Rev is all about getting folks to discover the joy of cooking and eating real food together and I’m an ambassador.

After what I thought was an awesome pep talk about the grated beet and carrot wraps we were about to make (oh boy the mess we made!), the kids got started. A grade seven girl approached me. She whispered so faintly that, after three attempts to hear her, I finally crouched down with my ear next to her lips and heard: “I can’t cook.”

You would have thought I was asking her to trust her parachute and jump. She was clearly scared and I suspect embarrassed about her lack of food skills. We sat together while we ate our wraps and I whispered back to her, “Well look at what you made today! I guess you can cook after all.”

Get kids involved

Experiences like this keep reaffirming for me the need to champion food skills. I decided to zero in on one concrete way I could make a difference and I started the Yummy Lunch Club. The website delivers tips, recipes and inspiration for busy parents.

More important, it also includes our online magazine Yummy Lunch Club for Kids, with recipes, contests and fun food activities. Because we know that when kids are involved in planning and packing their school lunch, they are more likely to eat it.

So get your child to look over our premier issue with you and plan to try some of these ideas:

  • Veg out hummus – colourful veggie additions jazz up this old favourite
  • Food on sticks – easy ideas for lunchbag-safe skewers
  • Yummy wraps kids can make – check out this list of mix-and-match ideas.

Do you have a question about school lunches? Email me at

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  1. Sarah Walkom

    Great website! So important to get kids more involved in cooking. The online magazine looks fantastic!!! 🙂

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