Father and son kayaking on lake in summer

Plan your healthiest summer

Schedule some fun fitness into your summer plans for your healthiest season yet!

The warm weather may be months away, but for many of us, summer planning has already arrived.  Have you already chatted with friends and family about what trip you want to take or what you’re looking forward to this summer?   Sometimes with vacation schedules and get-togethers with friends, healthy choices become secondary.  That’s why as you start making summer plans, include improving your level of physical activity. Here’s how.

What do you enjoy?

The first step is to think about what you like to do.  Do you enjoy sports or hikes?  Have you always wanted to participate in an event or would you prefer to join a sports league? 

What are the barriers?

So, what’s stopping you?  It is important to identify any barriers that prevent you from being active, and try to resolve them. 

  • Is the time not convenient? If that’s the case, consider asking your employer if you can shift your hours that day? 
  • Is it an individual activity? Is there some way you can modify it then so you can be active as a family? Try to figure it out instead of just not doing it.

Where can you do it?

Next, check out what resources are available in your area.  Are there tennis courts, bike lanes or a hiking trail?  What’s near your workplace that you could use? Look into sports leagues in your area or events like a walk/run or bike ride that support a great cause. While we sit indoors and hibernate, doing a bit of research may inspire you to get more daily activity when the weather warms up.

What about an active vacation?

When thinking about what vacation spot you want to hit, consider an option where physical activities are available.  Can you go biking or hiking on your trip?  What about kayaking or paddle boarding?  Is there a tennis court or a golf course around? There are lots of ways to be active on your holiday– the trick is to keep it top of mind!

Choose your own outdoor adventure

Keep your fitness goals on track all summer long with an active summer getaway. Need some inspiration? Scroll over the map below for great ideas on active adventures across Canada, or click the link to build your customized itinerary.

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