Coloured easter eggs on grass

Healthier Easter basket

Your kids can enjoy a sweet Easter without sugar and processed foods. Here’s how!

Our family of four has been on a road trip for the last couple of weeks, and it’s extending into the Easter holiday weekend. When my five-year-old son, Jefferson, heard we’d be travelling through spring break, his first question was: “But Mommy, will the Easter Bunny find us?!”  I assured Jefferson that yes, the Easter Bunny would find us on our trip. Kreek family

But that raises another question: what will the Easter Bunny be bringing? The answer is more complicated since my family has embarked on a one-year project to eliminate sugar and processed foods from our diet.

As we all know, Easter is typically a holiday filled with a lot of sugar: chocolate, candy, desserts.  The numbers for Canada aren’t readily available, but Americans spend more than $2 billion annually to fill traditional Easter baskets with sweet treats such as jellybeans and chocolate bunnies.

Our baskets will of course be different—but no less fun! Here’s what the Easter Bunny has in store for our family, along with additional ideas, for anyone interested in incorporating alternatives to sugar in their holiday this year.

Our Easter egg hunt

Tasty treats

We hide coloured plastic eggs of (available at most dollar stores), filled with foods that we don’t normally buy, such as:

  • dried mango, cherries & blueberries (without additives or added sugar)
  • macadamia nuts (a favourite of the kids, but not something we typically buy since they are expensive)
  • berries—whichever variety looks fresh and delicious

Fun and games

We like to include those same coloured plastic eggs filled with non-food items, such as:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • seed packets for planting
  • a puzzle, with pieces divided among the eggs

Cool activities

Along our Easter Egg trail, our kids will also find:

  • Easter themed “learn to tie your laces” cards & laces (I found a variety of cards at Whole Foods)
  • a jump rope, so our bunnies can hop
  • a small lego set for Jefferson
  • a small Calico Critters set for Victoria, 2

For us, it wouldn’t be Easter without colouring our own eggs. Check out this recipe for Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Other alternative Easter basket ideas:

  • Make a “fun-in-the-sun” basket filled with sunglasses, sidewalk chalk, a water gun, flying disc, flip-flops, sandbox toys, bubbles, a beach towel and a bouncy ball.

  • “Backyard” baskets can include child-sized gardening tools, vegetable seeds, bug-catching box, butterfly net, glow-in-the-dark bands, kite, jump rope, bicycle accessories and a badminton set.

Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together — just use your creativity and imagination.
Try to find a careful balance between sweet treats and fun playthings for them to enjoy.

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