Infographic showing heart failure statistics

10 things you should know about heart failure

It’s affecting more and more Canadians, and we need to find a cure.

Heart failure means the heart muscle is damaged or weakened, unable to pump blood efficiently. It is the end result of all cardiac disease. Because more Canadians are surviving heart attacks and other disease, more are developing heart failure.

It’s a complicated, fatal and misunderstood condition.

With improved diagnostics and better medical management, heart failure patients are living longer with their damaged hearts – but not without challenges.

The images below show the reality of heart failure to patients, their families and our healthcare system.

Heart failure infographic

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  1. Karen McDavid

    I have had open heart surgery,four bypasses. Apparently I had two or three heart attacks and didn’t know it. I’m left with heart damage. Is this also called heart failure?. I’m a female of 75 yrs. old. I also have a pacemaker.. Thank you . Karen McDavid

    1. Sharon Hollingsworth

      Dear Karen,
      We are very sorry to hear about your experience with heart disease. Heart failure means that the heart muscle is damaged and not pumping blood as well as it should. This condition usually results from cardiovascular disease such as a heart attack. However, the Heart and Stroke Foundation can answer only general questions about heart disease so we strongly recommend that you contact your healthcare provider with your question about your specific heart issues.

      Meanwhile, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on our blog post – and best wishes for healthier days ahead. Sincerely, Sharon at the Heart and Stroke Foundation

  2. Gayle Morais

    I had cardiomyopathy. Apparently the heart muscle which ballooned out has subsided and everything seems to be ok. Is this heart failure?

    1. Sharon Hollingsworth

      Hi Gayle and thanks for your note! I’m glad to hear that things seem okay now. Best to check with your healthcare provider to ask your question about heart failure – the Heart and Stroke Foundation can answer only general questions, but your doctor would have your specific health history. Have a great day! Sincerely, Sharon at the Heart and Stroke Foundation

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