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Top stories include:

Obesity does not have to be your destiny even if you inherited an obesity gene, according to a new study supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

New research shows parents are less likely to buy sugar sweetened beverages when they have a warning label on the potential health risks of excess sugar.

After 50 years of advising people to limit dietary cholesterol, the US government has released new healthy eating guidelines that say it doesn’t matter after all. But saturated fats are still on the hit list.

A new US study underlines progress against smoking among teens – along with the enduring dangers of secondhand smoke.

About one per cent of Canadians account for a third of healthcare spending, according to a new study. The research showed heart disease is driving up costs among middle aged people.

The field of research known as regenerative medicine holds amazing promise for heart disease, and now the federal government is stepping up with funding.

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