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5 steps toward living the life you’ve imagined

Forget resolutions. Try these tips to make your health goals a reality.

Heather Gardner

Heather Gardner

The New Year has come and gone. Did you make any resolutions this year? If you’re sticking to a new habit, good for you! If it’s already fallen by the wayside, join a very large club.

You don’t need to wait for next Dec. 31 to commit to a healthier you. In fact any day is a good day to be inspired and get started. The idea of a better version of yourself has you inspired to act, and ready to do it now!

What do you no longer accept in yourself? What do you demand of yourself to be better? Whether it’s going to bed earlier, meditating, getting a sweat on every day, or giving your diet an overhaul, these five tricks will help you start chasing down your goals and living the life you’ve imagined.

  1. Start small.
    Take a close look at what it is you want to achieve and all the potential steps to get there. What is the first and simplest of those steps? Now that is where you will start! So if your goal is to go for a run every day, the simplest step will be to put on your running shoes and head out that door. And once your shoes are on and you’re outside, well, you might as well run! Break you habit into the simplest version of itself and start there.
  1. Plan ahead.
    Examine your schedule and make time for you. Sure, once your shoes are on, going for the run becomes a straightforward task, but have you carved out the time for this to happen? Examine your day with a fine-tooth comb, and – just as you wouldn’t cancel on that meeting with your boss, or brunch with the girls — treat that time to form your habit as non-negotiable too!
  1. Set a reminder.
    This behaviour is new, which means it might not always be on the top of your mind. So consider leaving yourself some loving and gentle reminders throughout the day to help you make the right decisions. If your goal is to drink more water, then have a reusable water bottle ready to be filled at your desk. Want to sit less at work? Try setting a phone alarm to remind you to get up and move. What to think happier thoughts? Why not change you phone background to someone you love, family or friend, whoever brings a smile to your face and heart. Setting up a visual reminder takes the thinking out of your goal, making it much easier to remember.
  1. Be accountable.
    Tell everyone you know about this awesome new habit you are forming. You’ll be working hard to make these changes; the moral support will help you to keep at it and push through. Share your habit on social media, give daily updates which people will expect, and let everyone know that you’ve got this!
  1. Reward yourself!
    It’s important to celebrate your successes no matter the size. Every time you remember your habit consider a little verbal “way to go!” After one week of success, how about an extra-long bubble bath. One month, maybe a picnic in the park. Rewards don’t need to cost money, but they do need to make you feel good. Give yourself some praise and enjoy every success.

How about you?
What good habits have you developed recently? What helped you form them? What motivated you throughout the process? Are there any habits you would still like to develop? Share your thoughts in the comments!





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