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39 healthy stocking stuffer ideas for kids

Need a last minute present for the kids? Find inspiration in our active gift list.

  1. Kids’ cookbook. One to try: National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure
  2. Funky spatulas and whisks
  3. Kid-sized apron
  4. Safety knife
  5. Recipe card box
  6. Cookie cutters
  7. Mini muffin baking pan plus recipe for Strawberry mini muffins
    Two girls baking cookies in kitchen








  1. Egg cups
  2. Mini frying pan
  3. Oven mitts
  4. Brightly coloured measuring cups and spoon

Colorful kitchen utensils on white rustic background









12. A jar of their favourite spice, such as cinnamon or chili powder
13. Passes to a climbing gym, karate studio or trampoline club
14. Frisbee
15. Water bottle
16. Inflatable beach ball
17. Skate guards
18. Warm mitts and ear muffs
happy little girl wearing earmuffs over christmas tree lights background

19. Marbles or jacks
20.Street-hockey balls
21.Book on a favourite sport or athlete
22.Bean bags or Hacky Sacks
23.Mini sticks for rec room hockey
24.Swim goggles
25.Mold to make snow bricks
26.Carpet skates
27.Self-heating inserts for mitts and boots
28. Skipping rope
Sport shoes, apple, sweat suit and rope arranged on pink sport mat. Top view angle/Sport equipment on pink mat

29. Yoga mat
30. Bubbles
31. Boomerang
32. Twirling baton
33. Diving rings
34. Snorkel and mask
35. Funky laces for running shoes and skates
closeup of a red sneaker with green shoelaces on a white background

36. Indoor hopscotch carpet
37. Kite
38. Bicycle bell
39. Ball pump



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