Skillet of fajitas with side dishes

A week’s worth of quick dinner recipes

Get out of your take-out rut with dinner ideas that are speedier and better for you.

Time squeezed schedule have you stuck in a take-out rut? Between the loads of laundry and the kids’ homework help, it’s tempting to ignore the fridge full of groceries and just order a pizza. 

Takeout’s convenience factor appeals to most of us but it has a downside. Processed foods often pack salt, fat and sugar that increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. When it comes to eating healthy, the Foundation recommends cutting processed meals and eating more whole, natural foods.

And if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on dinner? These speedy dietitian-approved meals have got you covered.

Salmon pesto orzo

Salmon pesto orzo with pea and red peppers

Ready in: 35 min 
Got leftover salmon? Whip up this one-pot meal.





Spaghetti and tuna pepper toss

Bowl of spaghetti with tuna red and yellow peppers
Ready in: 25 min 

Open some cans, chop some peppers and onions, and get this dish in on the table in 25 minutes.




Easy beef fajitas with lime sour cream

Tortilla with beef sour cream sauteed peppers and onion Ready in: 20 min 
The perfect combo: lots of flavor, not much work. And they’re fun too!




Buttermilk chicken drumsticks

Green bowl filled with cooked and breaded chicken drumsticks Ready in: 45 min 
Let these bake while you help with multiplication tables.





Faster-than-takeout chicken and veggie chow mein

Bowl of rice with chicken, peppers, corn and snow peasReady in: 20 min 
Enjoy this fresh medley of tastes over whole wheat noodles or brown rice.




Campfire Philly steak sandwiches

Sandwich filled with green peppers and sliced beef
Ready in: 30 minutes

Need dinner in a pinch? Make a batch of these a day ahead of time, then defrost for dinner.




Lentil macaroni and cheese

Yellow bowl filled with pasta red peppers and melted cheese

Ready in: 25 minutes
Indulge in Canadian comfort food and get your protein, too.       


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