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Healthy comfort food recipes

At this time of year, the crisp weather and shorter days trigger cues to eat heartier meals.

Whether you’re in the mood for a creamy mac’n cheese or a bowl of homemade soup, these healthier versions are guaranteed to satisfy.

Bonus: Most of these recipes freeze well so cook up a double batch and pop half in the freezer. Then just defrost, heat and serve. 

When you want to warm up

Find comfort, warmth and flavour in every spoonful of these hearty soups and stews.

Bowl of vegetable and beef stew


Chef’s tip: Soups are a great way to use up ingredients in your fridge and pantry and you don’t even need a recipe. Just combine broth or stock (choose low-sodium options), vegetables, a lean protein source (meat, fish, poultry, legumes), some whole grains, herbs and seasonings, simmer and soup’s on!


When you want something quick but filling 

Casseroles and one-pot meals are convenient choices for busy weeknight dinners.

Ingredients to prepare salmon with fennel dish (salmon, fresh lemon, asparagus, pepper, tomatoes)

Chef’s tip: Balance the meal with quick and simple foods like a salad, cut-up vegetables, whole-grain breads and milk. 


When you want to indulge

Cozy up with healthier versions of these comfort food classics.

Dish of cheesy lasagna with green salad in background


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