Owen stands in front of a black chalkboard with drawing on it, with

He needed one more heart surgery to make it to his sixth birthday.

To see living proof that your support creates more survivors, watch Laura’s touching story of her 6 year old son Owen.

There are only two ways for HLHS patients like Owen to survive. One is a three-staged surgical procedure that happens over the course of several years during childhood. The other is a heart transplant.

In his six short years, Owen has been through more than many of us can imagine. After his final surgery this past January, he was strong enough to play in the snow for the first time in his life.

Owen is a survivor, and we couldn’t be more proud of the little guy!

Owen’s family is forever grateful to Dr. Christopher Caldarone, cardiac surgeon and Heart and Stroke Foundation funded researcher, who saved Owen’s life several times. Dr. Caldarone is currently leading a team of researchers to find what form of surgery for HLHS offers the best chance to save babies lives and prevent any damage to the brain or body.

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