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Best active ideas for kids’ parties

For your child’s next birthday, get kids running, dancing or splashing with these five ideas for parties that that focus on active fun.

Raising heart-healthy kids means finding lots of opportunities for active play.

For your child’s next birthday bash, think healthy, active fun. Here are five ideas to cover ages from preschool to preteen.

Soccer party: Pack a cooler of watermelon slices and water and take your partiers to the park for a spirited game of soccer. Consider hiring a local teen to help ref. For team colours, design a logo online and print T-shirt decals (something like: Sophie’s Sixth-Birthday Soccer Bash). Half the guests get white shirts and the rest get blue — everyone will know who’s on which team and your loot bag is covered.

Olympics party: Have your junior athletes participate in five events, some individual, some group. Possible events:

  • tug-of-war
  • standing long jump
  • basketball shooting
  • volleyball
  • badminton
  • javelin (with a pool noodle)
  • Hula Hoop
  • wheelbarrow races.

Don’t forget the closing ceremonies, complete with a podium and gold, silver and bronze medals. Search “Olympic medal printables” to find your faves and print them on card stock and thread onto ribbons.

Dance party: Make a rockin’ playlist and string up some lights, maybe even a disco ball! Kids might just want to groove, but you can also play musical chairs, limbo and freeze dance. The group can also choreograph their own video, which you can record and email to each child’s parents.

Splash party: Make sure guests wear their bathing suits, because things are going to get wet! Play water balloon toss, fill an inflatable pool for splashing and toy boat races, or simply turn on the sprinkler and watch them come up with their own fun!

Kite party: Begin the party with a craft: Make your own kite! You can buy kits from a hobby store or, if you’re really ambitious, make them from scratch. Either way, guests make their own take-home gift. Next, head to a local park to test the creations. Bring along some adults or older kids to help with aviation. You might also have extra pre-made kites on hand in case of crash landings!

BONUS: Sweet – but not sugary – loot bag Ideas

  • Take a “team” picture, print it on your home printer and slip it in a dollar-store frame.
  • Create sports cards with the Adobe sports card template.
  • Instead of a smattering of cheap trinkets, give one higher-quality item: a funky water bottle, Hula Hoop, Frisbee, skipping rope, sidewalk chalk, water toy or baseball cap.
  • Have kids decorate a solid-coloured ball with permanent markers and send it home with them.

Got an active party idea to share? Add it to the comments below.

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